Worts pain I've ever experienced and no means to correct it

Feb 5, 2013
Okay, I have a tooth that lost a ten year old filling a few months ago and have been having toothaches in it that last from 15 minutes to an hour when I eat foods that are hot.

For the last couple of weeks those toothaches have went away but have been replaced by a new much shorter toothache that is literally 100 times worse. They come in very short bursts, less that a second long, and maybe like 5 or so times within a few minute period. These don't come when eating but rather out of the blue and, oddly enough, only in the afternoon/early evening.

But I can not stress enough that this pain is excruciating and tolerable only because they are such short bursts, but today I had one that lasted over 5 seconds and I fear they will get worse. I've had some bad toothaches in my life and I tell you this far far worse that any pain I've ever felt anywhere on my body. If they get any longer I don't know how I will be able to tolerate them.

Now, the real problem lies in the fact that right now I am unemployed and am only eating by the good grace of my family, but I have NO ONE I can turn to for the $ it would take for a root canal.

On top of that I had to have the tooth directly behind it pulled due to not being able to afford a root canal and if this one gets pulled I won't be able to chew on that side at all. Plus on the other side a ten year old crown and the post it's on recently just fell out so chewing on the other side is problematic as well.

I'm only 40 years old and I'm looking at a liquid diet.

My question is if there are dentists that deal with people with extreme situations and little to no money to deal with them? All the dentists I call will only quote their prices and they're way too high for me even to consider.


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