Wisdom teeth removed 2 days ago, healing normal?

Dec 9, 2021
Had three wisdom teeth removed 2days ago. The bottom tooth was impacted and had bacteria/infection in between molar and wisdom tooth. It was at a crazy sideways angle and was pushing the molar out and thus an infection. I've been taking antibiotics, and ibuprofen as prescribed. The bottom hole bled dark blood alot on day one. Eventually bleeding subsided. Have a bit of pink Saliva still, and am very gentle when brushing and rinsing with salt water. The two top extraction sites already seem normal, I can't even really feel any discomfort and look pretty normal to me. The extraction site on the bottom was definitely the problem area going into surgery. Now that heavy bleeding has subsided, the area is now looking dark, almost grayish fleshy in color. And am wondering what's normal two days after surgery.


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