Wisdom teeth extracted - dislocated jaw and infection: advice for traumatised patient!?

Sep 19, 2016
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I had two wisdom teeth (upper and lower right) removed under local anaesthetic four days ago. The extraction was complicated as the tooth itself was 'hard', as in like a diamond, and difficult (partially erupted, impacted, near the nerve nerve and a big tooth). The bottom was cut out in pieces which took about 45-50 minutes. I should add that my jaw was dislocated in the process (about 15 minutes into the first tooth). It was reset on about the 12th attempt after the upper was removed . Two days later I noticed a brown discharge and what I would consider unusual swelling (from almost my temple to down the front of my neck in a v-shape, down to my collarbones. I saw an out of hours dentist one day ago (three days after the procedure) who confirmed it was infected. They removed the sutures and some of the infected material. I was then admitted to A&E for IV antibiotics. In the past day I have noticed a significant reduction in the swelling, which is great but I am concerned about two things. First, recovery time. This seems like a particularly complicated extraction with a number of complications likely to result in longer recover times. Can anyone give me a guide on when I might feel normal again (basically if I miss a pain killer window now the hammering in my jaw starts again)? Also, in terms of recovery, should I be seeing a dental surgeon to check on my progress? I am worried about dry sockets, proper healing and ongoing infections. Thanks for any help you can provide.


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