Will a dentist be able to remove my orthodontic molar band and bonding cement?

May 22, 2023
I got braces as a teenager and basically my parents got divorced and fought over who was going to keep paying for them and no one ended up paying so I removed them myself with pliers. The only things I couldn't get off were the dental glue (bonding cement) used to attatch the brackets to my teeth and one of the molar bands (because it is stuck while the other molar bands & brackets were fairly easy to get off). I've avoided seeing a dentist due to embarrassment over this so I haven't even had my teeth cleaned in years. But I'm ready to move on from having this crap on my teeth. I called an orthodontist office and they said they won't work on another orthodontist's work even though it's just one band and some dental glue. I've been told most orthodontists won't do this. So I was thinking of calling some dentists in the morning but I was just wondering what are the chances of them agreeing to take this stuff off my teeth? Is it even worth trying or should I just try again to get the band/glue off myself?

Please no rude/sarcastic or flippant comments. I know neglecting my dental hygiene is bad. Yes it was a mistake to let it get this far. I'm doing the best I can to fix it now and I don't need a lecture.


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
The band can be removed by a dentist with the appropriate instruments. Just explain the situation to them. The cement can also be cleaned off


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