Whitening a Tooth Discolored from Root Canal

Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by valsebastian@yahoo.com, May 16, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Dear Dental Experts:

    I have a front tooth that is slightly darker than my other teeth due
    to severe bruxing trama - where the nerve basically exploded (this is
    what my dentist told me) as if I had been hit directly in the mouth
    with something quite hard. I don't brux anymore thankfully, but I am
    left with this tooth that is just a bit darker.

    I would like to try at least the over-the-counter whitening strips at
    first, but I am concerned that this tooth might not bleach like the
    other teeth and that the inside color of the tooth might make it stand
    out from the other teeth more than it does now.

    My teeth do need some whitening, they seem to be a little transparent
    as well, don't know if this is important in the decision.

    I cannot afford veneers at present, but have something very important
    coming up in a few months and need to look my very best. Any advice
    you can give would be most appreciated!

    Thank you in advance.

    , May 16, 2007
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  2. Dartos Guest

    IME, once a bruxer, always a bruxer (unless you move ahead to
    major clenching <G>).

    The endo tooth will not bleach as the others with any exterior
    bleach system. It may lighten some, but it will still not match
    the other teeth.

    It will need bleaching from inside the tooth (need to be careful
    not to cause root resorbtion) or a veneer/crown.

    A direct composite veneer can be done in one visit and look pretty
    good and you can go back with porcelain when it starts to fail.


    Dartos, May 16, 2007
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  3. Guest


    Tough situation, your fears are well founded. I think it would be
    difficult for anyone to say diffinitively what will happen if you try
    and bleach your teeth. I've seen wide varied results, sometimes
    great, sometimes, not so good. Even if you could afford a veneer,
    matching colors is difficult, and when your natural teeth change
    color, your veneer will not. Pro's and Con's to both situations.

    I think if you are brave enough, what you might consider is bleaching
    your natural teeth and then internally bleaching your darker tooth if
    it has had a root canal. Or if you have enough time, consider
    internally bleaching your discolored root canal tooth and see what
    happens. if it gets lighter than the rest of your teeth, then bleach
    your natural teeth until they match.

    i'm sorry i can't be more helpful, I find that it's sometimes
    difficult to predict bleaching results.

    , May 17, 2007
  4. Does Colgate still make that bleaching product that looked like "white-out"
    ? You could just paint this on one tooth every day for a month.

    Dear patient, if you have not had the tooth checked for vitality (live or
    dead pulp), you need to do so, as the tooth could require root canal therapy
    (assuming that has not already been done).

    If RCT has been done and you get it bleached internally, listen to Darts who
    warns that the dentist must pay close attention to how he applies the
    chemistry inside the tooth, or it could damage the root system.



    "Dartos" <> wrote in message
    Amatus Cremona, May 17, 2007
  5. Guest

    On May 16, 9:52 pm, "" <> wrote:
    Thank you very much for your replies! I must admit that I'm a little
    afraid to to try internal bleaching as I don't have a lot of
    confidence it the way the root canal procedure was done orignally, the
    dentist had a difficult time with it and I'm afraid it might cause
    problems down the road if I tamper with it from the inside... Would
    there be a big possibility of it looking worse if I just use some
    Crest Strips a couple of times to see what happens? I really just want
    to lighten them a bit without highlighting the tooth more.

    Again, I appreciate your time and expertise. Thank you for any further
    , May 17, 2007
  6. Aha !

    You have had RCT on this tooth. If the person who did the RCT left gutta
    percha and sealer in the clinical crown, it will darken the tooth gray or
    brown. Often cleaning this out will lighten the tooth.

    The trick is that should an internal bleach be attempted, that the dentist
    knows to remove gutta percha and sealer down below the CEJ, and cover the
    canal with IRM or something impervious to super-oxal up above the height of
    connective tissue attachment. Otherwise, you stand a chance of experiencing
    external resorption of the root. Who remembers the poster named DAX ??



    <> wrote in message
    Amatus Cremona, May 17, 2007
  7. > Does Colgate still make that bleaching product that looked like

    Colgate Simply White has been discontinued.

    John & Ninetta, May 18, 2007
  8. Oh



    "John & Ninetta" <> wrote in message
    Amatus Cremona, May 18, 2007
  9. Guest

    On May 18, 7:19 am, "Amatus Cremona" <> wrote:
    Thanks Amatus for the info. Sounds a bit dodgy to have it bleached
    from the inside...not sure if I want to take the chance that it might
    be done wrongly. Maybe I'll just try the Crest Strips or Aquafresh
    bleaching tray kit for a very short time and see if it starts to look
    better or stand out more. Just don't know what might happen. Perphaps
    better to just look a little dull than to have one dark tooth right in

    Thanks again for the replies.
    , May 18, 2007
  10. If you had a dental fabricate bleaching trays, you could place the chemical
    in the reservoir for only that one tooth until it lightens up close to the
    other teeth, then bleach all of them.



    <> wrote in message
    Amatus Cremona, May 21, 2007
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