Whether 4mm pockets need to be deep cleaned? Can we do deep cleaning on a tooth which was root canal retreated??

Dec 3, 2021
Do we need to do deep cleaning for a tooth which has pocket of 4mm?
Can we do deep cleaning on a tooth which was root canal treated recently?

A brief history of my issue:
I have constant jaw pain under ear and neck for 1.5 years now. Have seen TMJ specialist, OMFS, ENT, physical therapist etc. No relief and definite answer yet.

Dentist spotted a tooth issue which hurts for tapping and biting pressure on it during my jaw pain visit. Tooth#30. Sent me to Endodontist.

I had root canal on it an year ago. No relief. Same tapping and biting pressure pain on it.
Had taken cbct scans. Nothing evident.

I went to another Endodontist and he told me that one of the root in that tooth is not filled properly till the end and that could be the reason for the pain.

I had retreat root canal last week and they placed the medicine inside that root. No relief yet. That Tooth still hurts for tapping, biting on it, pressing on it with tongue and even brushing on it. It feels like pressure when I brush on it. Is this normal and expected?

They also noted that pockets in this tooth is 2mm and tooth 31 ( next to this rct tooth) is 4mm. So dentist suggested deep cleaning.
Do we need to do Deep cleaning for 4mm pocket? Or it goes away with regular brushing and flossing?

Whether this #31 pocket could be the reason for the next tooth which is #30 pain for so long even after root canal and retreatment?
Any thoughts please.



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