What treatment will I have to undergo?

Discussion in 'Patient Forum' started by Bjorn.S, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Bjorn.S


    Nov 20, 2018
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    Hi i'm Bjorn, about 5 years ago I had a tooth knocked out and put back in at the hospital. I had a root canal done to it and stuff, I'm now noticing that the tooth has moved up further in to my gum. What would have to be done and also how much would it cost? Any help or insight would be appreciated thanks.
    Bjorn.S, Nov 20, 2018
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  2. Bjorn.S

    honestdoc Verified Dentist

    Jun 14, 2018
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    I'm suspecting possible external root resorption. The dentist will have to take an x-ray and study the root & bone anatomy. Most likely prepare for possible bone graft and implant.
    honestdoc, Nov 20, 2018
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  3. Bjorn.S

    MattKW Verified Dentist

    Mar 18, 2018
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    Most likely it has ankylosed (locked into the bone) and undergone surface resorption. Your other teeth may have grown down a bit and the ankylosed tooth has stayed in same position. Replantation of knocked out teeth is not often worth it anymore except as a very short term measure. Be prepared to have it extracted and at least a 1-tooth denture for the moment. Long term probably an implant, although you could be lucky and have a Marylands bridge (unlikely).
    MattKW, Nov 21, 2018
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