What to do about a cracked filling.

Mar 12, 2017
I was eating and suddenly got a sharp shooting pain from my tooth, I think it is the filling is cracked or something like that as that is all what is up with the teeth down that area. My check up was in Feb and said all my teeth were fine.

I am currently in some discomfort from it, I do not know if it is just down to knowing I had pain there or if it is general discomfort. I ate on the other side of my mouth, I have had a few sips of cold water and the tooth/filling area was deffo sensitive same with warm tea, not enough to say full pain but enough to register the sensitivity.

I looked online and all the Dentists have shut due to the virus. Does anyone know when they will reopen for patients to phone up and get an appointment for a new filling?

I will be brushing twice a day, no fizzy drinks just water and tea, swishing around salt water and using mouthwash after each meal, I will also be using sensodyne repair and protect toothpaste, after I have cleaned them I will just put some of that toothpaste on to the tooth.

what else can I do?


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