What causes gums to overlap onto the teeth? If the corresponding tooth gets discolored, is it bad?


Apr 4, 2018
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Around 4 months back the gum area behind my left central incisor of the upper jaw, developed a slight bulge. I assume it was because a fish bone poked into it. I figured if it was an injury, it'd heal with time. But it hasn't gone. The bulge is still there and it has grown around half a centimeter onto the tooth area. It swells a little when I've eaten spicy food, and subsides after a while.
I visited a dentist today who took an x ray of the area and said that there was no pus or fish bone lodged inside the bulge. There was no problem with the tooth either. It was just soft tissue. Since there was no pain on touching it, he called a senior dentist who looked at it and said that since the left central incisor appeared to be slightly discolored (light hint of yellow), a gum specialist had better check the problem.
The recommendation was to see the gum specialist and he'd probably decide to surgically remove the soft tissue which could otherwise get infected if the teeth of the lower jaw hit it or if it gets damaged an infected when brushing the teeth.

1. From the attached image, do you feel there really is a serious gum issue? So much that a gum specialist would need to look at it and remove the tissue?
2. If I prevent the area from getting injured with food or a toothbrush, would it subside on its own?
3. Is the tooth discoloration an indication of a deeper problem? Is there really a tooth discoloration?

I had taken a photo of the computer screen when the dentist showed me the x ray on the screen, so I can share that if necessary.




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