Werido Doc Wanted to Take 18 Xrays!!!


Dec 5, 2019
Today I went today to Presbyterian Hospital in NYC for my toothache. The tooth is in the left top part of my mouth. I told the doc that I dont want any xrays but convinced me to take 2. He ended up taking 3 instead. He said I had 3 cavities and he'd put in a temporary filling. He said in order for the hospital to place permanent filling he'd have to take 18 xrays. I asked why 18. He said because since its a student facility of the hospital its to help educate dental students. Wtf is this???

This is the last time I'm going there. But I want to report this doc immediately. He's putting unaware patients at health risk for unneeded radiation. He needs to be reported on very soon. Where can I report him to?




Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
It used to be standard practice when I was a student at Sydney Univ to take a full mouth series before sending patients to the student clinic (35 yrs ago). Nowadays at Syd Univ they start with bitewings and take it from there following the ALARA principle. An OPG is quite commonly the next step. So I think your problem is more with the hospital than the specific dentist, and I'd suggest you talk to someone about your concerns, and ask if they can justify it if they are trying to teach the students best practice principles for radiation. And no-one can force you to have Xrays taken, although they may consider not seeing you as a patient, which I think would be unfair.


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