Was my root canal necessary?

Feb 24, 2022
I had a mild pain after eating sweets in early February. I didn't feel pain the next few days, but had discomfort/sensitivity. I went to the dentist to make sure and he said there was a cavity in between the teeth and put a deep filler in it. He said I should try the filler and if it hurts, I need a root canal. I tried not to chew from that side since it was a little sensitive, but if I accidentally did, it was fine. Then I decided to try biting (cereal bran) directly on it after a week to test it out since I have a dental appointment the next day. I had a jolting pain that lasted a few seconds, the pain lingered a little bit but went a way. I was concerned because I never felt that kind of pain before after fillers. So I told my dentist and he performed a root canal on it. I didn't know the disadvantages of root canal (stupid I know) and I didn't want to make it worse so I just went with it. Learning more about it, I was wondering if it was really necessary since I didn't feel pain all the time. I asked my dentist again and he said I had no other option since the cavity was deep. I want to make sure I did the right thing to follow his advice. I don't have the x-rays unfortunately. Thank you!
Ps: I've been with this dentist for a year since moving to Japan.


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