Want to change my mind after root canal started

Discussion in 'Endodontics' started by AEhrstrom, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. AEhrstrom


    Apr 29, 2018
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    Its 3:45 AM and earlier (yesterday) at 9 am I went to a last minute dentist appointment because of some pain I’ve been having on my left side towards the back. I knew it wasn’t going to be good news. He tells me my top back two molars need root canals, and promised that I would be pain free until the next appointment. Handed me a “treatment plan” with a grand total of $5,000 between three appointments. I felt so much pressure to agree, and the second I mentioned “extraction” he shut me down. They cleaned them out, put a temp. Seal on them, and gave me pain killers to help until I go back for the main event on Wednesday. I am currently in agonizing sharp pain that I can only describe as a huge lightning bolt shooting through my whole left jaw whenever something barely touches the bad teeth. Not only am I exhausted from pain, the stress, the money, and now I am absolutely TERRIFIED to go back to him (he PROMISED I WOULD NOT BE IN PAIN) and I feel truly betrayed. I want to INSIST they be extracted. I have another tooth on my right side that was extracted, and it’s 100% hidden, and it’s even closer to the front than these two problems right now. I don’t care about how it will look (nobody will see them, it will be impossible) and i know about the long-term stuff with extractions. I just want to know if I have the option to go to another dentist and insist on extraction, when I’ve already had the initial part done. Will another dentist understand and help? I honestly want to break my finger so that I can get rid of this pain in the roots of my teeth. I already had dentist phobia, and now words can’t describe how betrayed and fearful I am now.
    AEhrstrom, Apr 29, 2018
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  2. AEhrstrom


    Dec 6, 2017
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    They can't force you to finish treatment but they could refuse to extract.

    You should go back to your dentist tell him how you feel and that you want compensation for this agony you're in. It may be a good idea to get a second opinion to see what's happened and maybe have a different dentist extract them. Have you paid any money so far?

    Unless you clearly have an abscess then you should always seek a second opinion with a root treatment diagnosis. I would always insist on seeing an endodontist for root treatment.
    Busybee, Apr 29, 2018
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