Waiting For Root Canal And Since Approved It's Needed?

Nov 30, 2013
I need to have a root canal done on a tooth but its taking the office forever to get
the approval from my insurance & I'm getting really worried
because their's red above the tooth :*(
Their's no pain but about a week or 2 ago the gum was irriated.
Now it's just red.
Is their anything I can do awhile I wait?? :*(
I have been emailing my insurance everyday & it's still taking them along time
to send the dental place the approval letter.

I'm not even sure if I really need a root canal done even though
the dentist said so because once she crowned a tooth and after she did it
she's like oh that tooth wasn't as bad as I thought it could have just been filled

But the insurance dental experts looked at the xray and approved of the root canal
& their's red above that tooth so I'm sure it's needs to be done.
What all do you think??

Also could the dentist just fill the tooth with filling after the root canal??
Or should it be crowned too??

If they shouldn't just fill the tooth than why not??

My insurance approved for a root canal and the crown.

It's a very noticeable tooth so I really want to get this work done soon

Please reply anyone!!!
I'm really freaking out :*(
My anxiety is really high right now :*(


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