Waiting for implant: Fear of TMJ/Bone Loss/Tooth shifting: Flipper tooth(partial) or other suggestions ?

Nov 23, 2022
Hi all

I extracted a first upper molar 3 months ago, due to longterm root infection from two failed root canal treatements at younger age(curtently 28). This is the only tooth i have extracted in my life. Next week i have my appointment to check the status of the bone before proceeding with implant or bone graft. The extraction perfortated the sinus and due to the fact an apical lesion was already there, there is some bone gap above the extracted tooth, as the days went by i can feel that part of face tilting and when i am outside i can feel cold air strong like my face has missing bone. I think i developed TMJ because of the gap and have pain in weird spots. Anyways, to cut the long story short, i will propably need to wait for an implant, and hopefully next week the dentist will start me on the bone graft(i wonder why he left me 3 months like that, but he insisted to wait 3 months for the bone to heal).

The tooth shifting didnt bother me initially until i realised how much it affected my bite and jaw, dentist did a flipper tooth some weeks ago, which didnt fit well and said it will time to adjust, i said i cant bite because it is too high, he didnt fix it and went to another dentist which made a proper fitting one with multiple adjustments to test it with better gap grip few days ago. This and other dentist adviced me to wear this so the teeth dont move in the empty space. Given the fact i have this weak bone issue, will this deteriorate the situation of TMJ or help me ?

I feel more confident with the partial and like my face feels full, but when i take it out, i feel really bad. I take it before sleep and clean it with solution every morning, sometimes i take it off during the day. Should i keep wearing this daily till i get the implant. Also, if they proceed on bone graft, what other solutions apart partial are to put on ? I am getting paranoid about losing my bone, i eat well, take supplements, but the bone doesnt seem to get stronger. :C

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