Veneers With One Crooked Tooth? Canines Keep Impacting Each Other?

May 9, 2018
I've been wanting veneers on my top front 6 teeth for a long time now... I've dealt with repetitive strange decaying issues with all my teeth since birth (not necessarily cavities, I usually don't have any black in/on my teeth, but strange holes keep forming no matter how good my dental care is), and have had multiple appointments to reshape my teeth. Problem is, my upper front teeth on the right (mainly the canine tooth) are constantly hitting my lower teeth (also mainly my canine on the bottom as well, so both canine teeth on the right keep hitting each other), and the bonding resin keeps breaking off. My upper canine teeth are two completely different lengths and it looks ridiculous and it's made me even more self-conscious, because my lower canine on the right is slightly crooked and almost sideways (the only crooked teeth out of all my teeth), it grew in that way, and instead of my upper and lower canine teeth fitting side by side like most people, the tips hit each other.
Any lengthening attempts have failed because I can't close my mouth properly once the upper canine is lengthened to match the left one, and like I said, the resin ends up just breaking off because of the constant impact.

Would it be possible to get a veneer on that upper canine with this issue? Or do I need to get the lower canine straightened out? How would a dentist straighten one tooth out? I really don't want a full set of braces for a single tooth.\

(I drew a quick sketch, lol, to sort of show you what I mean with the right side hitting each other right on the points, and the left side fitting side by side, snug and perfect.)


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