Veneers to cover up chromogenic bacteria

Discussion in 'Cosmetic Dentistry' started by failjr, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. failjr


    Aug 6, 2018
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    Hi! I've been dealing with black staining on my teeth due to chromogenic bacteria fro almost 3 years. I have tried several things. I drink only water (and have tried switching what brands), I've tried whitening my teeth, I have taken 2 kinds of medication for this as well as visit the dentist every month. They have smoothed out my teeth to allow the stain to not stick as much. they have monitored my diet. I have kept food journals and changed my toothpaste. I bought a new electric toothbrush and change the head every time the dentist cleans my teeth. I floss very frequently and brush after every meal. All of this is very exhausting and with no change in my teeth it just makes all of it a waste. I want a more permanent solution and have thought veneers are the way to go. I want an opinion on whether the stain would stick to the veneers and whether it could cover it completely so that it would not be seen.

    failjr, Aug 6, 2018
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