Unexplained "Discharge"

Jun 5, 2023
I am not even sure what to call the milky white saliva that pools overnight under tooth #29. Nowhere else. Just THERE. The issue began in early March 2023 when I found a draining "pimple" near the root of that tooth accompanied by a bitter taste. No pain. No swelling. My regular dentist would NOT prescribe antibiotics. He said he wanted to see what it developed into since his x-ray did not show infection. It continued draining intermittently so I returned to my dentist 3 weeks later. Another x-ray showed a possible crack near the root of that tooth (which had a root canal in 2016). Went to an endodontist. She took an x-ray followed by a CT scan (cone?). No deterioration of the bone or infection seen. Said the root canal looked great. She also balked at antibiotics. She did "gum surgery" April 19, stained for a crack (none found), removed what she called tooth resorption, patched with a filling, and sutured. My gums healed fine. But a tiny hole about an inch below #29 was draining white stuff post surgery. (I think it was a suture hole.) I informed the endodontist at my recheck, and she said cheerfully, "Well it's not draining now." It was like she did not want to know because that might mean that surgery was not the solution. I asked if periodontal disease starts that way, and she said I don't have any signs of that, no pockets, bleeding, etc. I figured my gums are still healing and perhaps I should be patient and give it more time. A new pimple has not re-formed. But the white stuff seeps out of that area anyway leaving that bitter taste.
I am brushing 3 times a day. Flossing. Use a salt rinse a few times a week. Pre and post surgery, I was using chlorhexidine as prescribed.
Appreciate advice on what steps I should be taking to alleviate this "non infection."

Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
This is a forum where we try and give expert advice as best possible. With limited or no real information, such as a photo or even an x-ray, it would be impossible to contradict or even add to the expert opinions you already received from your specialist visits. Try taking a photo of the white substance or attach a copy of a post treatment scan or x-ray.


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