Tooth slightly gray 4 days post trauma (Photo)

Sep 4, 2020
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I had a biking accident 2 weeks ago where I chipped my 2 front teeth.

I was seen and the dentist said my tooth was fractured (visible but can’t be « felt » so no treatment advised there) and I had an exposed nerve. Note- I had no pain. He covered the nerve with calcium and did a bonding for the chipped teeth, telling me we were trying to avoid a root canal. Teeth are still sensitive, mostly like a pressure feeling and won’t chomp with them, but still no pain. 4 days after the accident I noticed that the one tooth with the exposed nerve is turning a little bit gray.

Is this more likely to just be a temporary bruise or is my tooth dying? How could I know?






Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
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The gray discoloration indicates the nerve had some excess bleeding in the pulp space from trauma. Since your nerve appears fairly open, there may be potential for vascular repair. Don't expose it to too much colds. Cold substances could traumatize the nerve more and damage it. Couple of scenarios could happen if it doesn't heal. You could experience intense pain which may indicate irreversible nerve damage. You could experience no pain but swelling which indicates the nerve dying and becoming a source of infection. Either way, you may need a Root Canal.

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