Tooth Ache Remains Weeks After Root Canal

Dec 18, 2021
My problem is that a tooth still hurts after a root canal. See x-ray attached. I’m thinking that the root canal didn’t go deep enough, causing the pain. The root splits at the bottom of the tooth, as shown on the x-ray, but the contrast there is different from the upper part. Does it look like that lower parts of the root could be source of the pain?


Dec 22, 2021
Did you try to prescribe dexamethasone 4mg 12/12 hours for 3 days ?
I think is just an inflamation in the periodontal ligament.
Most case that I do in single session and have a "puff" usually the pacient complain about a low pain in vertical percussion but most time one week is enough to disappear.

You made a good work I can see in x-ray
keep the good work.

Sorry about the english.

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