tongue thrust /sucking / suction / clicking sound while asleep

Jun 6, 2013
My young daughter has this same issue. I'm supprised its not more common or a well known issue. Her dentist is not even knowledgeable about the condition which frustrates the mess outta me. Even more annoying is the sound my daughter makes when performing this action. It makes my skin crawl seeing her mouth move in that manner and her chin tighten up so much that I can't even pry her mouth open to break the suction and stop the clicking noise it produces. There orthodontist inserted an appliance for normal tongue thrusting but it did nothing to prevent it. This started when shelost her front teeth at 6.5 years old and its been going on for two years now (she's 8.5 years old) her entire front teeth and gingiva and palate protrude so much it seems she can't close her mouth and her teeth look like they're gonna fall right out of her mouth. So frustrating !! I'm pretty sure her habit is hereditary as I had a lip sucking habit, one of my siblings was a thumb sicker and another two have a tongue thrusting habit although very mild and not nearly as extreme as my daughter's. Ian's they never seemed to break that habit even as adults. That worries me because I don't want my daughter or anyone ho has to be around her to have to deal with this. I wish there was a solution. I need help !


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