Tips for matching crowns in front without local lab

Jun 10, 2019
Hello everyone,

I have 4 crowns in the top front of my mouth (7 through 10) made using emax in 2012 when I lived in Colorado. I was very pleased with the initial work and color of the crowns (I went into the lab to assist with shade/style matching) - they had good transparency, great layering/shading that made the teeth look quite natural. However, I need to have the center two (8 & 9) replaced soon (one chipped and for the other I had to have an implant put in). I have now moved to Virginia and my current dentist uses a lab based out of California because apparently she wasn't pleased with the quality/consistency of local labs in the area. (Side note: I did have to replace #9 two years ago due to it cracking and had that work done at a local lab, and the color match was good, but I really didn't like the dentist so had moved to another dentist in the area.)

I'm wondering if there are any tips or suggestions for what can be done for the best match to the existing crowns on 8 & 9. My current dentist has taken a lot of pictures so far, but I would normally feel best going directly into a lab, however, flying out to California just for this isn't too likely.

Thank you for any tips or suggestions you can offer!

(I've attached some pictures of what was in there before I had the impact put in for #9).


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