Tiny "pit" in tooth

Dec 20, 2016

Within the past couple year I switched to a new dentist due to moving. Prior to coming to the dentist I'm currently at I hadn't had a cavity in years. Within the past two years with my new/current dentist I've been told twice now that I have a very very small pit that is considered a cavity in my back molars. The first time I was nieve and got it filled. This second time happened today. I couldn't believe it with my oral hygiene habits and feeling no pain I was shocked. What I want to know is if I'm getting scammed by a dentist that's drill happy. I've done some research online and this seems to be a debate topic in the dental community whether to drill early or not. From research I've read that these micro pits "cavities" are better off not filled and could take many years to develop into an actual full on cavity. Or they may never get any worse or even completely heal. Other side of the argument obviously says you need to fill a cavity is a cavity. I wanted an actual opinion from someone with a background in the field on their opinion. Background info I'm in my 20s and brush twice a day and floss everyday sometimes multiple times a day. Any replies are appreciated!


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