Thin red line in gums

Dec 6, 2019
Hello, I'm in treatment for gingivitis (specially in my upper front tooth) and periodontits and after a few days of dentist appointments and cleaning I have seen a real improve in my gums, they are not bleeding anymore when I brush my teeth and the red color has almost gone, but there is stil a very very thin and red line but not exactly in the gum line but a little over it, in the border between the healthy zone of my gums and the zone where it was more red (and now almost pink after the treatment), as if it were limiting the two zones. I had the gingivitis untreated many years and I have there a very old bridge that needs replacement.

This red line it could be because the chronic inflammation or the bridge? Or I will be worried that it could be a more serious thing? I have no pain at all.



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