The possibility of apllying filling for very destroying tooth in very curved left upper part of teet

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    Sep 30, 2014
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    Here I provide the hand-made picture of my upper left teeth that are very curvy due to the inborn defect and consecutive operation. The subject is the central tooth on this image with dotted otter line. He was not destroyed yet 3 month ago. But now it is as it is. The yellow part is the filling made yet about 10 years ago whenb I was about 20 years. The green part it is the remains of the tooth itself despite the inward part is very white colour so are propably ready to be destroyed. So my question is about is it possible to make the filling in this situation. The dentist in university after looking at x-ray film of tooth root said that probably it possible to "modeling" despite it is very difficult situation with this teeth. I did not undestood what she meant about "modelling", how to atatch filling if in void (now) part the tooth is absent fully to the roots. The next tooth is almost with filling very ingrained to thge core of tooth. At picture it is visible that these teeth is something far from dotted line of certain teeth bow. What it is possible to do here. What is possible due to the modern technologies in the world. I have cleft palate repair.

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    allt, Sep 30, 2014
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