Teeth shaving?

Jan 6, 2023
I really don't like that my front teeth are a bit bigger and that my upper canine teeth are a bit too "sharp". My teeth are otherwise pretty straight and I don't feel like I need to have braces or anything but could this be fixed by shaving the teeth down a bit to make them more even? I haven't talked about this with my parents as I don't like to mention insecurities and it seems unneccessary, but it really bothers me and if it could be so easily fixed and improve my smile and self confidence a lot I would like to do it. I am just not sure if doing this is possible, difficult or what it would cost. Any advice?


Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Your central incisors and canines are fine with a normal amount of overlap. If you tried to shave them down, it would seriously damage your teeth and biting function.
Your lateral incisors are a bit smaller ("peg laterals") than desired, and this is what makes the canines look pointy.
The simplest way to improve this is with composite veneers, an nice example of which I put here. Composite resin can last for many years, and has the advantage of being repaired easily if they chip.
Some people might suggest porcelain veneers - my advice is to keep it in composite for as long as possible, maybe your lifetime (KISS). Porcelain veneers cannot be easily repaired/replaced and usually mean permanent alteration of your teeth; there is no going back to virgin tooth as is possible with composites.
Also, as you age, you will probably have some gum recession which would show the join between tooth and composite (or veneer). This can be easily touched up with composite, but not with veneers.


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