Teeth burn after restoration

Jan 15, 2015
I am a 58 year-old female. in 2/2013 a dentist recommended mouth restoration as a resolution to my oralfacial pain. The orthotic used prior (3-4 months) to the restoration proved that maloclusion was the problem as the fog lifted, horrid pain was gone; the only problem was slight sensitivity in the front upper teeth. The dentist said that the sensitivity would not worsen with the restoration as those teeth would be sealed. Then, 14 teeth were reconstructed on 6/2013 (#22-27; #5-12) cost $27K. Note that nothing was wrong with the teeth, except worn enamel) nor gums, the teeth were just in the wrong place which caused malocculsion. The morning after the restoration the 4 front upper (#7-10) and lower teeth (#23-26) burned like acid was being poured on them. When temps were removed, dentist performed emergency root canal on broken #26; that tooth reacts to percussion and has turned black at the root. The burning pain in those teeth hasn't stopped (been 20 months) and it worsens after I talk, eat or any percussion and they react to hot and cold, except#26. I have been drinking meal replacements for breakfast and lunch, and soft foods for dinner. I am unable to bite into anything using those front teeth. Forget anything chewy or crunchy and forget kissing, talking and laughing. After dinner the burning pain in those teeth goes through the roof. I am unable to tolerate pain meds and currently taking Neurontin which does help alleviate the pain. Recently went through two rounds of the medrol pack which alleviated the pain altogether for two days. Since the restoration, I have visited 9 dental specialists (DMDs, Prothedontist, Periodontist, prosthdontist, neuromuscular dentist, endodontists) and all have said they never have seen nor heard of a case like mine and there is absolutely no reason for my teeth to burn. My gums are perfect, the margins on the crowns are perfect, no infection, no inflammation. One DMD diagnosed BMS, but I have no symptoms; no dry mouth, no sores, no burning mouth, and the recommend klonapin didn't help the burning pain. I have seen allergists/NAET, chiropractors and massage specialists as well, to no avail. I am currently wearing another orthotic ($5K for orthotic and diagnostics) made by the #1 neuromuscular dentist in my area, who thought possibly ligament sprain could be the problem. It hasn't helped the burning teeth. He recommends lower back (8) teeth ($13K) reconstrucion, and absolutely refuses to work at all on those front burning teeth. My bloodwork is impeccable; no vitamin deficiencies; perfect blood pressure. Note that novaccaine injection makes the burning pain immediately go away; the dentists and others say "interesting", but will not tell my why. I am seriously considering extracting those teeth, and was told that no one would extract them due to my good oral health. Could lingual nerve damage be the cause? Any other diagnosis or treatment recommendation?


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