take them all out or patch them up ?

Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by J Cod, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. J Cod

    J Cod Guest

    I am at the point where a complete extraction of all remaining teeth and
    replacement with the usual Ace Hardware technology is recommended by a dentist
    I've known a long time, who I trust, and who I believe is competent.

    Another opinion I received (from another dentist, trusted by several friends of
    mine), is that a combination of partial bridge and restoration could put my
    smile back on. Almost all my crowns of my major teeth have disintegrated, broken
    off, in the last three years (poor work done in Thailand several years ago,
    perhaps compounded by a bite problem ?).

    I am 61 years old, generally excellent health. Good cardio condition, do not
    smoke or drink, slightly overweight but quite strong and flexible for my age
    group. No major health problems like diabetes, etc. Money is not an issue here.

    The dentist who recommends complete extraction believes there is not enough bone
    to support partial bridge and that if I do restoration I will face the same
    problems again in a few years.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts on complete removal and post-removal prostheses.

    thanks, J. Cod
    J Cod, Mar 2, 2005
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  2. J Cod

    W_B Guest

    Restorations fail due to a number of reasons.
    'bite problems' are often a contributing factor.

    Perhaps a third opinion ?

    We would need to see some photos and/or x-rays to even
    venture a guess.

    My take is if there is enough support for a partial denture, this
    is preferrable to a full denture. Perhaps an overdenture is a
    W_B, Mar 2, 2005
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  3. J Cod

    Flap Guest

    Show us some radiographs and photos.

    Implants are a possibility.

    How many teeth remain on your lower arch and where?
    Flap, Mar 2, 2005
  4. J Cod

    ladyluv Guest

    What are synthetic teeth (I know they must be a replica of a natural
    tooth) but where and how are they used.
    Is that speaking of something here and now or in the future.
    ladyluv, Mar 3, 2005
  5. They are UNREAL, really .......

    This is how we used to tsalk in the 1970s ........

    We gots them now ... artificial teeth = dentures.


    Joel M. Eichen, Mar 3, 2005
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