Syringe for cleaning sockets after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by Abstract, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. Abstract

    Abstract Guest

    Hi all, I was hoping for some advice from the posters here.

    I had 4 of my wisdom teeth removed 7 days ago. Today I went for my checkup
    and they gave me the syringe to clean my sockets.

    Now is it normal that a "flap" of my gums is completely covering the side of
    my back tooth?

    The surgeon's assisntant was a bit rough one one side, and I think the
    syringe penetrated the socket giving me the most excruciating pain for a few
    minutes. When the surgeon came in, he was trying to show me how to "get
    underneath the gums" and I started bleeding quite a bit.

    I tried it just now at home, and it is easy to do one side (again, more
    blood), but it's very difficult on the other because the "flap" seems to be
    much smaller, and it's hard to see if I'm actually getting underneath the

    The surgeon said to keep using salt water until it's healed.

    My questions:

    -I am wondering how long I'll need to use this syringe.

    -Does it matter if I use salt water or mouthwash in the syringe?

    -It has been 7 days. Can I still get dry sockets? I read somewhere that
    these happen usually 2-3 days after the operation.

    -There is still a tiny bit of swelling (not noticable from the outside) that
    is making it difficult for me to bite down.

    I am still unable to eat solids 7 days after the procedure. I am getting a
    little paranoid as I heard that many people can start eating a couple of
    days after the operation.

    -Is it normal to bleed when I "open the flap of gum" to clean the sockets?

    Sorry for this rather lengthy post, thanks in advance for your responses.
    Abstract, Jan 29, 2005
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  2. Abstract

    StovePipe Guest

    "Abstract" <encounter@farpoint> wrote:
    Unless, you're a gorilla, you only HAD four wisdom teeth in total to
    begin with. And if you really ARE a gorilla, congratulations on your
    language and typing skills..
    Is this flap interfering with you closing your mouth?
    IMO, if you weren't having any pain or infection, she should have left
    the extraction sites alone.
    Again, IMO, you could just gently rinse your mouth with salt water or
    any other rinse you want. I would put the syringe in your tool box and
    use it to put oil in those hard to reach door hinges... Keep it out of
    your mouth and let the sockets heal in peace.

    See above...
    See above...
    One can have a dry socket even the same day as the operation. There is
    no hard and fast rule. Disturbing the sockets for no good reason seems
    to me to be avoided.
    Is this the flap of gum tissue? This socket is perhaps the only one I'd
    treat with the syringe.. but gently, and not going in so far that you're
    causing bleeding.
    This is variable. The swelling still can respond to cold treatment (if
    it is inflammation, but if it is this flap of gum tissue that is loose,
    you may want to get that trimmed down so it's not sticking in between
    your teeth when you try to eat).
    Why, yes; as you're disturbing the flap. If it's not interfering with
    your closing of your mouth, I'd say leave it alone and rinse your mouth
    normally. If it IS interfering, get it trimmed.
    Sorry for the condescending tone of my responses. I'm busy running the
    world ... ;-)

    Seriously, I hope this helps. You may get one of the Oral Surgeons to
    chime in with his ideas. If so, take them seriously.
    Not a real Addy, yet
    StovePipe, Jan 30, 2005
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