Swollen gums


May 10, 2017
2 yrs ago I had pain in my lower molar and the dentist shaved the tooth in order to fit a steel band as he said it would stop the pain from the cracked tooth. Unfortunately it turned out to be the wrong tooth. Over the years food kept getting stuck in the now gaps on both sides of this tooth as it had been shaved.
This led to lot of pain and so about 4 weeks ago he looked at it and said there was decay. He did root canal I two sittings and I kept complaining of gum pain and he said it would settle. After 2 courses of antibiotics and inflammatory meds my gums are still very sore and swollen. He says the root canal looks perfect on the X-ray.

He has not put the permanent crown yet. The gums are only painful when I touch them or eat on that side. The tooth is slightly sensitive when I touch it.
The gum line is puffy and looks like a scallop line. It has some very painful spots when I touch. Is this normal ? The meds seem to help but I can't be on them indefinitely!


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