Swollen gums on the top front teeth.


Nov 19, 2013
I've got a strange problem with swollen gums. The thing is, they are swollen only on the top front teeth. I guess it began some time ago, but it has not been bothering me until now.
I've had some "dental injuries" in the past, which required some minor reconstructions of the upper front teeth ( crown reconstruction ). Since then the gums are permanently swollen. I've visited two dentists but none of them could really help me. The first one thought it may be related to the irritation caused by irregular, sharp surface of the composite, which was corrected afterwards. The problem persisted. Another came up with an idea of overgrowth caused by the lack of contact between the teeth.. He fixed it, swelling decreased a bit, but it's still there.
It sometimes hurts during flossing, sometimes not. It's sensitive to touch, mostly near the teeth, at the edge. It's not that significantly reddish, but the difference is noticeable.
I think i should also mention that the surfaces of those teeth are not even ( due to the reconstruction ), which makes me wonder if this may be the cause ( pressure ). I also am more of a mouth breather myself, which also may be a direct factor. Thus i was wondering if there are any things that i could cover swollen gums with during sleep, to prevent the irritation.
I brush, floss, rinse and visit my dentist regularly, so i think it's highly unlikely that my oral hygiene is the problem.
I would be really grateful if you could share some suggestions with me, but on the other hand i am aware, that it may be difficult to identify the underlying cause.
Thanks in advance :)


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