Strange suturing?

Oct 25, 2019
I had a tooth extracted on Monday with bone graft. Today, Thursday i had some concerns about a strange taste so i returned to the dentist. after examining me he said that he needed to re-suture the area, this evening i just realized that the lower part of cheek seems to have been sutured into the extraction site. the dentist did say on Monday that i did not have a lot of tissue to work with, I don't feel comfortable going to my dentist with this question in case it is not normal, is this typical in cases where there is limited tissue?



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Unfortunately some people have very little gum tissue to work with, or it is so fragile it tears easily. Then we have to resort to less desirable measures to get tissue there, sometimes by simply pulling it in from the cheek, or sometimes by dissecting the skin and repositioning it to cover the defect. Repositioning skin takes skill and is usually done by specialists (periodontist, oral surgeon). I doubt that the dentist would be worried about answering your questions.

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