SRP by periodontist?

Nov 13, 2020
I recently posted about a periodontal abscess,

Turns out endodontic involvement is not suspected right now. The periodontist measured a 9mm pocket. He said he strongly suggests doing LANAP versus just an SRP. Now I have a couple of questions that I would appreciate the forum's opinion on,

- Is it possible that part of the large 9mm measurement is due to the swollen and inflamed gums and the actual pocket is less deep were it not inflamed?
- Is there a chance that an SRP in conjunction with local antibiotic application like Arestin followed up by regular proximal Chlorhexidine brushing at night in the following months lead to a degree of healing that obviates LANAP or even lead to some bone regeneration?
- I have been calling a few periodontist offices and it seems like everywhere it's the hygienists that do the SRP. For such a sensitive procedure where the roots of the tooth are being reshaped, is there a benefit in trying to find a location where the periodontist does the SRP him/herself?

Thanks again in advance.


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