Sprained tooth pain for 4 weeks?

Nov 4, 2022
Hi all,

6 weeks ago, I accidentally bit down hard on a cherry pit. My upper left teeth were sore for about a week but completely resolved. Unfortunately, about a week later, I re-aggravated the area while eating chips. It wasn't too bad for the first couple days but then I got sick and the constant aching in those teeth increased.

I saw my dentist after 1 week and he performed tests, took an X-ray and CBCT but couldn't find anything wrong. I continued to wait it out and went back 3 weeks later for my cleaning. He took another look and x-ray but still couldn't find anything wrong.

It's now been 4 weeks of constant mild-moderate aching in these teeth. I'd say the pain is often sitting around a 4/10 lately. The pain is sometimes significant enough that I have trouble getting to sleep but once I'm asleep, it doesn't usually bother me and feels best first thing in the morning upon waking up. However, once I brush my teeth, the aching and soreness begins again and continues throughout the day. The teeth feel tender and I've been avoiding chewing on that side for these past 4 weeks. I feel the need to be careful while talking not to bump these teeth. I haven't noticed any temperature sensitivity. OTC anti-inflammatory medications have maybe helped minimally but don't eliminate the pain. I have a dentist-made night guard that I wear nightly.

I should mention that I have chronic neuropathic pain in my teeth on the other side that started after dental work 2.5 years ago, however, I no longer have any temperature sensitivity or trouble chewing with those teeth. It's just a constant ache that I can usually ignore, which feels different from this new problem. I got off all nerve meds earlier this year as I felt I could handle the chronic pain without them.

I suppose my question is could a bruised tooth be taking this long to resolve or could this possibly be a sneaky crack causing all this? These teeth have no fillings so a crack would seem drastic.

I suppose there's not much more I can do right now other than wait, but I'm going on vacation in 1.5 weeks and I'm concerned this is going to affect my enjoyment of the trip :(

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