Spilled bleach beyond tooth during root canal

Oct 29, 2020
I had a root canal on Tuesday on a front tooth due to a trauma many years ago which caused the tooth to die (the other front tooth is crowned). It only recently started causing pain so had the treatment done to prevent it getting worse. During the process I felt some pain and the dentist was concerned some bleach had spilled into the surrounding tissue and said he had flushed it out, but called me later to check I was ok. I had moderate pain the next day but this morning woke up with numbness and swelling on my lip and the side of my nose. I returned to my dentist this afternoon and he opened up the root canal and irrigated it and has prescribed antibiotics. This treatment was very painful and I'm still numb now from the anesthetic. I'm worried the facial nerve could be permanently damaged. Any advice? Or has anyone experienced similar and can advise on how long it may last?



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
I had some experience where the chlorinated irrigation (bleach) went beyond the root tip. The doctor would order an image and determine the source of swelling and damage. Corticosteroids would be prescribed to reduce the inflammation. Many times the nerve will repair itself and you will regain sensation. If you are not noticing any improvements day by day, get follow up promptly.

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