Sore Tongue - Opinion Appreciated

Sep 1, 2022
Hi Everyone,

I have had a sore tongue for what seems like months.

Earlier in summer it was much worse than in the pics. I lost almost half the tongue coating & that seemed to change weekly. Red patches that got steadily larger & then healed within about 2 weeks. Then new would appear. It was uncomfortable. Tip of tongue often burned & I had what you might describe as a salty taste in mouth.

I swapped out my toothpaste that had lauryl suplhate in for a milder one & that seemed to have helped. It is nowhere near as bad as it was in May-July, with the appearance of red patches being more rare. But I do still get discomfort.

I must add that I have ongoing anxiety problems, and am aware that I press tongue against my teeth. I have a TMJ diagnosis from a while back (mainly left side where when dentist inserted finger in ear he can feel a crunch). I often wake up with sore jaw muscles so I assume I clench. Wife also says she has heard me clench teeth at night.

Stupidly, Dr Google intervened & I went on a trail from scalloped tongue to potential nasties like amyloidosis in minutes. Just what I needed.... :(

Bloods are all pretty normal & I'm fit. I did have COVID earlier this year which came before I started noticing the tongue issues. But we're 8 months on now.

3 pics attached - 1 from early morning pre clean where you will see a yellow coat & 2 from after a good tongue scrub.

Happy to be told this is all just stemming from anxiety...


  • before yellow.jpeg
    before yellow.jpeg
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  • after clean.jpeg
    after clean.jpeg
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  • after clean (2).jpeg
    after clean (2).jpeg
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