Sore gums around 2 molars (different sides)

Nov 18, 2016
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I went to the dentist around 3 weeks ago at most. At the time they said my teeth were perfectly healthy. All they did were clean then the doctor came over and checked out my teeth. I didn t have any problems at all. Anyways around a week ago I looked at my teeth with a flash light (don t ask me why) And i noticed white spots near the gum line on all my molars. I also have noticed that those molars have become sensitive to cold water. I have had problems with sensitivity in my teeth before so I am hoping this will just go away with using some sensodyne. Another reason I am typing this is due to one spot where one of my molars are. The gum is a bit soar. I do not see any blood while brushing, but when I floss on that one spot just a little blood comes out, but gets increasingly sore if i dig into it with the floss and i notice more blood. Given that I am only 16 years old I hope it is not serious but I would just like some suggestions on what to do and what it is possibly and if I should go see a dentist. I have only noticed the pain for a couple days, and the white spots about a week.
Update: Also, I am pretty consistent when I brush. I am sort of bad on flossing but I brush every morning and night.


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