Small issue turned big

Jun 16, 2017
It started with me getting some dental floss stuck between my 1st and 2nd molars on my lower left side. The two dentists at the office were also unable to get it out usin floss and some thing to separate the teeth. The dentist could not see any issue on the x-ray, and suggested nothing was there. I could clearly feel something and couldnt understand why none of us were able to get the floss in between the teeth if there was nothing, so she suggested maybe the filling on the 2nd molar was not even and that it had a bad contactpoint. That filling was done less than a year ago, had not given me any issues. According to her it was taking that out, or going home. So she took it out, and as she did a small piece fell off the 1st molar where the floss had gotten stuck between the broken piece and the rest of the tooth. As she didnt have time to finish two fillings she left me with a gap between the teeth that she wanted to build out on the broken tooth(which was a very small piece, she said she maybe could see it on the x-ray afterwards). It was very uncomfortable, and she had left a pointy part that was annoying my tongue, so I got an appointment with the other dentist as she was occupied for the next couple of weeks. Now that its finished it feels a bit funny, like when I floss between those teeth its like the filling isnt even, the flossing gets broken, but not all the way and not stuck. Whats worse is I now feel pain in the 2nd premolar, in front of both of them, when I press down on it. It also feels slightly numb. I think possibly it has been left higher up than the two behind it? Or could my teeth have had time to shift in the two days I had a gap? What is the best fix, should I ask them to trim the premolar now? Or just wait it out, but could it cause a problem with the premolar if it gets too much pressure over time?
Ive also been wondering if another dentist would have been able to diagnose the actual problem without removing the first filling. I feel like its all been very invasice and expensive for an issue that in itself should have been small. I appreciate any inputs and help. Thank you in advance.


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