sinus pain 18 days after upper molar extraction

May 5, 2015

18 days ago I had to have my upper left 1st molar extracted after a failed root canal which was causing significant pain for several weeks, in the end I had to request it be extracted due to the pain. Since extraction I've continued to have several problems, firstly it got infected needing a couple of courses of antibiotics to resolve. Now it seems to be healing well if more slowly than I'd like, however I've been left with quite a lot of pain in my sinuses which doesn't seem to be easing. The pain is mostly a pressure mostly within my nose, but which also can move across from my jaw above the extracted tooth, and up into the bridge of my nose and across my forehead towards my temples. At times it feels like I've been punched in the face! The neighbouring teeth are also pretty sensitive.

the dentist said there was no sinus communication during the extraction nor have I had any leakage of fluid between sinuses and mouth. The tooth was a 'beast' to remove (dentists words not mine) and took a lot of pulling to extract. I have also had to have a lot of work on my upper left jaw in the last few months (fillings, a wisdom tooth extraction and the failed RCT) so I suspect this may be contributing to the pain as my mouth is metaphorically saying it's had enough.

Is this likely to just be due to trauma/bruising/inflammation to the surrounding tissues in my mouth/sinus floor after the extraction or something more serious? If just bruising, I guess it just needs time, but how long could I expect it to continue?

thanks for any help anyone can give about this. Any advice greatly appreciated


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