Should My Tonsils Look Like This?

Jan 12, 2020
Every month or 2 i get a really bad sore throat. They can last for weeks and usually come with a fever, sometimes it is so bad i have had to go to the hospital for several days. But the weird thing is every single time i go i get a different diagnosis. herpes, Kawasaki disease, hands foot and mouth disease, strep throat, ear infection, Early meningitis. Every time its different, i just want to get to the bottom of it, and if possible find out what is causing it, and if i can prevent it.

For the last couple years, i noticed my tonsils look like how they do in the picture, whether i have a sore throat at the moment or not. They looks like they have little holes, almost like a honeycomb. I also get large sores like the one you can see in the picture as well, that hurt so bad, sometimes i can hardly drink water.

Has anyone seen anything like this? Or have any suggestions for things i can try to get it to stop?
sore throat.png


Jan 13, 2020
The holes are a normal feature of the tonsils and I believe they are referred to as tonsil crypts. Many people struggle with tonsil stones and these stones can bring on a variety of symptoms, such as a sore throat. As for the sore, it looks like a common canker sore and these can occur from a poor diet, trauma or a weakened immune system. Rinsing with warm salt water will help relieve pain.


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