Should I wait to have my wisdom teeth removed? I believe they are preventing my gum disease from healing.

Jul 13, 2022
My wisdom teeth grew in about 2 years ago. I stuck out the initial pain of them growing in so I never felt the need to have them removed.
Fast forward 2 years, I go to the dentist and I have moderate-severe periodontitis with the deepest pockets being around my wisdom teeth. They also noted my wisdom teeth have a lot of cavities and should be removed. In May, I go to the oral surgeon and he gives me the estimate on the removal for all 4 teeth ~$1200, but my parents said to stick it out and wait until we go back to the motherland for vacation in August because we could get them out cheaper in Lebanon. It is July now and while the inflammation of my gums has gone down noticeably since the initial diagnosis and cleaning, there are still out breaks of infection and bleeding in different parts of my mouth, the 4 bottom middle teeth feel loose, I feel weird pain under them and around my chin, some molars are causing pain when I press in on them. Is the fact I still have the wisdom inside my mouth preventing my gum disease from healing properly, can I wait another month before getting them out or should I just get them out ASAP? Money isn't really an issue, but my parents were just trying to be helpful but they can't feel what's going inside my mouth and I can't tell if I'm freaking out or not.


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