Shaving off bone fragments after wisdom tooth removal

Feb 11, 2019
I have extracted right upper wisdom tooth in July. No stitches done. Went back for follow-up and it was healing properly. I saw some 2 hard bump on the gum of the extraction site in August and it was so tiny and hard. I went back and asked the surgeon. He said it will absorb on it's own and it will take time. Told me to come back after 2 weeks. I didn't go back and was waiting to see if t goes away on its own. It started giving me sharp pain and pinching like pain for last 2 weeks. Went back today and he shaved it off. He said it's a bone and it was a bone that emerges like 2 bump. He put anesthesia and shaved it off and dod stitches. I didn't have stitches for the tooth extraction. I had stitches today and he said it will dissolve on it's own. How to know if it will dissolve? I never had stitches before. Whether will I be able to see the area and identify if stiches present or not. How to know that if stich dissolve on it's own . Can I eat normally? How long does it take to heal from that?will stich go on it's own?
Do we need to follow the same post op instructions as wisdom tooth removal? Anyone did this bone shaving earlier?
Even though they numbed me during the procedure, I could feel the pressure they used to shave it down. It was so hard and pressurized. He did stiches after that. When can I eat normally?

I wanted to ask these questions to the surgeon. He did the stiches and told me to take motrin OTC and left the room. I felt so bad and came out of the office.

It's been 2hours and I still bleed. I am using the gauze and changing it every 45 minutes. Is this normal? How to stop bleeding? Any inputs please.
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