Severe pain before and after RCT

Apr 15, 2015
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I went in for a filling on tooth 19 (I had no pain in this tooth, just some sensitivity to cold) Afterwards, my dentist said he was concerned that it would need a root canal. As soon as the numbing wore off I had severe pain in my ear, jaw and head on the left side. My regular dentist couldnt get me in, so I went to another that did a pulpotomy. Both said I needed a root canal. 1 day post root canal I have the same pain in my jaw, ear and head. This pain is severe and no relief from ibeuprofin, tylenol or Norco. Amoxicililin and Keflex have not helped. Worried to get the crown put on. wondering if I should get it pulled. Ear infection has been ruled out by my Doctor, and I do not grind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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