Sensitive Teeth - I am at my wits end with my teeth!

May 3, 2021
I am at my wits end with my teeth!

I recently visited my mom who is fighting cancer in South Africa and with everything going on in the world - I got stuck, not able to return to the UK as flights got cancelled etc.

In the time I took the opportunity to visit the dentist. The dentist is the son of a family friend. Let’s call him Leon. Leon ended up doing a lot of work to all my teeth. I should point out that I had no pain whatsoever before I visited. I knew that I needed to get to a dentist for a routine check-up and clean. It transpired that I needed a lot of work doing. Nothing major really. Small little holes, fine cracked fillings, etc. The biggest issue was probably a crown which Leon fitted bottom left. I have been told in previous years by another dentist that this would have to be done when the filling ever cracked… This was back in 2006. So fair enough this wasn’t a surprise.

Leon did a thorough assessment of my mouth and scanned my whole jaw in 3D which we could see on screen. He could cut sections through all the areas and identify everything on screen and explain to me where the issues were. In conjunction with photos of each tooth - I could see I needed more than one appointment to sort it out. Leon replaced all silver fillings with white ones.

We agreed that I would make a weekly appointment or 1.5 hours and we would start in the bottom right quadrant and work our way through every quadrant and clean as we go along. The last appointment would be a polish and overall clean. Leon ended up replacing all my fillings in my mouth.

I was happy to proceed and spending South African Rand to do all this work made a lot more sense than British Pounds!

This is a dentist I know and trust.

The work was done over approx. 4 weeks in total. Starting with the bottom right quadrant, then bottom left, (where the new crown was fitted), top left and finally top right.

During my second visit I mentioned to Leon that my bottom right of my mouth is very sore when I eat. He checked my bite and made a slight adjustment. He told me not to worry as we will be doing work to the top right he would sort out the bite finally when we get to it…

My first appointment was the 20th January 2021. I went back weekly for each agreed appointment till the work was completed. All this time most of my teeth were very sensitive when I ate anything. But I assumed that I had a lot of work done and it needed time to settle. I mentioned it to Leon again during the third visit who then prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets, which didn’t make any difference to reduce the pain. So, I gave it more time to settle.

I completed the last appointment. A week after I managed to fly back to the UK.

But the pain stayed! I made an appointment to see my local private dentist here in the UK to whom I explained the whole story and he examined my mouth. Everything looks good and the work done is to a high standard. He made me bite on a cotton sausage for every tooth. Then something harder. Cold air wasn’t sore and tapping each tooth in my mouth wasn’t sore.

I explained that I can’t eat anything crunchy like toast, crisps, a choclate, any nuts, muesli or anything that has a slight crunch or hardness to it! This has been like this since the first visit in South Africa, January! And is extremely sore. I have no sensitivity to hot or cold.

My local dentist suggested we make a mouth guard seeing that my bite could have changed during all the work that was done recently. And he wanted to rule out grinding teeth at night out before making adjustments to my bite. (I am going through a very stressful time with my mom being unwell…)

I agreed.

We gave this two weeks. This made the bottom right of my mouth hurt even more as I was now biting down on the mouthguard at night, which was slightly higher on the teeth... Went back to the dentist who took an X-Ray and noticed a “fracture” in my tooth bottom right. Great! Now we getting somewhere… He replaced the filling and corrected the "fracture."

2 weeks later and the pain is back. Slightly (very slighty) better but still hurts when I bite on the tooth eating.

In the meantime the top left of my mouth one tooth has started to flare up when I eat….

So to summarise:

I have no pain or sensitivity to hot drinks or cold ice cream.

Everytime I eat food I am acutely aware of sore teeth in the back of my mouth. It feels like most teeth hurts! But I guess the teeth that are inflamed makes the whole mouth hurt?

I have managed to identify what I think the culprits are: It feels like the fillings themselves are sensitive - If I touch the filling with my nail it’s sensitive/hurts.

When I work floss between the affected area/s it hurts until it passes the top part of the tooth. Then flossing is not sore between the teeth. Pulling the floss out from between my teeth hurts again.

My local dentist adjusted part of the high points of my bite and was better. But still hurt when I eat food.

I am not biting down on any high points or fillings. We have checked and adjusted this a few times already.

I am really scared for a root canal procedure and heard some really bad stories. I suspect my dentist might suggest we do a root canal as I can see he is also very confused over the symptoms…

I have been searching loads of forums but always end up in a dead end…

Please if anyone can suggest something?

I am scared of Dr Google!!!! But someone mentioned a Dental Granuloma?

I am at my wits end! I feel I can cry everytime I have to eat. And I am so tired of soft baby food by now, three months down the line…


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