SDF filled inside root canal leaked into bone?

Dec 18, 2019
Due to the pandemic, my root canal had remained open for nearly a year (only a cotton ball was covering the opening). When I went back to the dentist, he said the canals would need to be disinfected and clearly said he was filling the root canals with silver diamine fluoride. However, the next day, suddenly I had extreme pain in that tooth (second molar... upper left 7), severe internal vibrations/tremors inside my whole body and extreme weakness in my body and legs. I never had any health problems before, and I have never in my life had such horrifying severe systemic reactions which are present even today after a month. When the xray was taken again (see second molar on xray called white area) there was a white spot/area just above the root of upper left 7. No such spot/white area was visible in previous xrays (see xray 3). My question is,
1. did the SDF leak outside the tooth, destroy the nerve, and then get absorbed into the bone
2. even if that white area is not SDF, but still, was the SDF the cause of my severe reaction, as the SDF must have come into direct contact with the nerve and caused damage or toxic poisoning?
3. i still have severe debility and severe internal tremors/vibrations after a month. will they ever go away or is the damage permanent? what can be done to undo the damage to my health?
4. if that white area is the leaked SDF, will it remain there, have to be removed, or disperse on its own?


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Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
  1. Never heard of SDF used during an RCT. Even if it was used and leaked into the bone (extremely unlikely), it wouldn't show up on Xrays, nor does it "destroy the nerve". The white patch looks like bone.
  2. You'd have to pump a helluva lot of SDF through an open apex to cause a reaction, and even then it would probably be just localised. Poisoning and causing distant symptoms doesn't happen. There is no big nerve bundle in that area; more like a spider's web.
  3. You should go see a general doctor for the symptoms. It is likely to be just a coincidence that you feel this way after the tooth was treated.
  4. And that's a poor RCT that should be redone. A poor RCT like that will cause discomfort only in the area around the tooth, not far away.


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