Scraped tooth, confused about appointment

Sep 15, 2020
Over the weekend, I scraped the tip of one of my center incisors and it’s been hurting ever since. I got this checked out at the dentist’s yesterday, but the dentist did not do a good job of explaining what I can expect from a follow-up visit and what the cause of my symptoms were. The visit went as follows:
  1. I told them about the tooth and some gum issues I was having elsewhere (redness/bleeding when brushing, mild and usually short-lived; they said it looked like a cut or burn in a very cut/burn-prone area)
  2. They tested the tooth I hurt and found it slightly more sensitive to cold, but not by much.
  3. The dentist prescribed antibiotics for the gum issue, but she did not feel that there was reason to “open the tooth” and that I should come back in a couple weeks once the antibiotics have done their work.
I asked a lot of questions about what could be causing the persistent pain if the tooth doesn’t need to be “opened” (I’m assuming that means a root canal?), but the dentist answered as though I was talking about my gum issue every time I tried to clarify the question. I’m very confused and am not sure what to expect from the follow-up visit in two weeks, and am not sure if the main reason for my visit was really addressed.

Can persistent tooth pain from (seemingly shallow) mechanical damage that lasts for days go away on its own/with antibiotics? If not, what exactly should I expect from the follow-up?



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
I think the dentist unnecessarily prescribed you antibiotics. I would only do it if you have any swelling. Take some anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen and if it doesn't improve and you can't tolerate the pain, then you may need a root canal.

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