Root canal question

Nov 17, 2022
I had a filling replaced earlier this year and it turned out to be quite a deep one. My dentist told me that it would be sensitive to pressure for a while but if it didn’t subside after a two to four weeks to come back. I did and then he advised as the pain had got better to give it a couple of months and if not then may need a root canal.

It has been several months (trying to get booked in and then getting covid has meant I’ve had to change appointments a few times) and I am just wondering will I still get a root canal or will I end up needing the tooth out. I’m quite anxious re my teeth. I’d like to clarify I only have pain when chewing certain harder foods or if I grind my teeth together. I’m worried it’s been left too long and a root canal isn’t enough.


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

I would start by checking the occlusion of the filling. Perhaps it is too high. Root canal treatment would only be indicated with bouts of severe and spontaneous pain, as well as pain that lingers when exposing to the tooth to stimuli such as heat or cold.


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