Root canal pain, no crown, bruxism

Dec 10, 2019
I had a root canal done on a top molar 10 or so years ago. Done in one sitting, filled with a permanent filling, never had any issues all these years.

Saw a new dentist, made an appt to crown it. They saw some changes from last xrays so sent me to an endodontist to have it re-assessed and possible re-done.

Endo wanted the root canal re-done. No problem, two appointments later and some elusive canals, everything seemed to go as planned. Mentioned to the Endo that my dentist couldn't crown it until mid Jan 2020 (root canal re-done Sept 2019). He said no problem.

Fairly normal pain for a week or so afterward, temporary filling didn't hold well but Endo/dentist didn't seem concerned.

Fast forward now almost 3 months later and I'm experiencing gum pain by the root canal tooth and last molar. To top it all off I have bruxism and wear a night guard for grinding/clenching. Since the procedure the guard seems to press heavily on the root canal gum area, leaving it all compressed and sore when I take it out. I thought maybe this was the cause of the pain, but it doesn't seem to be.

I'm worried if I leave it out, I'll clench/grind a fracture into this now fragile tooth (which almost looks like it is darkening now?!), but I'm worried the mouth guard is causing some pain/damage as well. I don't know if I should keep wearing it or not.

* The pain waxes and wanes, and doesn't seem to coincide with much except maybe chewing? It doesn't seem to matter hot/cold. The pain can be nonexistent, except maybe a slight residual aching - to an 8/10 throbbing pain. I am clueless. Doesn't appear to be swollen/red/hot like infection, but I can't really tell.

I have an appt on the 19th of this month (finally) for my dentist to take a peek, but I'm anxious that something is wrong. Any help to offer while I wait for this appt is greatly appreciated.
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