Root Canal/ Crown Problems

Jan 14, 2017
OK need some advice. Cracked my tooth about 2 months ago. Went to a dentist who said I need a crown. While he was doing the crown he said a piece of the instrument fell in my tooth but it should be fine. Well a month later I've been in extreme pain the last few days. Went to another dentist today as I honestly did not get a good vibe from the dentist that did the crown. They did xrays and the tech that did the xray seemed a bit shocked, as well as another person, at what they saw. I asked if they saw something wrong and they said they think so but they would let the doctor talk to me. Well the doctor confirmed that there was piece of the instrument in my tooth and it was not plugging up/sealing a "hole"( and oh by the way he did do a root canal) and this was causing drainage and thus an infection. She did say, without me asking anything, "in the doctors defense" it was a wicked angle root canal. I did not ask any questions regarding if the doctor did anything wrong but I did get the gut feeling she was not revealing her true feelings. She said the tooth needs to be extracted and I need an implant. I'm going Monday to see the oral surgeon to get the tooth extracted.

I'm inquiring here because after the doc left the xray tech and another office person seemed to imply the previous doctor was a bit at fault. The one woman said he should have sent me somewhere to have the piece of instrument removed(which I believe she said was zinc...not sure how she would now). It DEFINTELTY seemed by her reactions that what was done was not right.

I'd like to know if anyone can offer advice/input as to whether this doctor was at fault when he did my root canal(which I didn't even know) and because now I'm going to have to pay thousands of dollars and if this was caused by his irresponsibility than I should not have to shell out all this money. I believe in always doing the right thing and I'm not looking to get reimbursed from him if he did the right thing, I completely ok with that but if he should of done something that could have prevented this that's a different story.

Thank you very much.


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