root canal concern/broken tooth

Apr 25, 2011
Please help.

I had root canal a few months ago on a tooth at the top of my mouth. This may sound strange but..recently if i poke the tooth/surrounding gum with my tongue i can feel the something sort of clicking & wobbling inside (feels like could be the posts that were put up there) is this normal?
since last week..there is now a v.small sharp point on the inner of my gum i guess about a millimetre from the root canal tooth..i've tried but cannot really get a good angle to see it myself..but my partner looked and thought maybe its a tiny bit of tooth. but i'm concerned it's one of the thin posts from the root canal has moved and poked through my gum! .. is this at all possible?
Not to sound to mean .. but the dentist that did the root canal is new to my dental surgery and she admitted herself that she was rushing because she was behind with patients..worrying maybe she didnt do something right. the point hurts if i poke it with my finger but not when i eat or anything but it is annoying and uncomfortable.
can someone help?? do i go to the dentist?
Sep 27, 2011
Discomfort after root canal treatment

If root canal treatment was not done properly, then it would have pained during chewing. There might be some gum infection in that area which is causing the pain or can be because of slightly high point of the crown. At times, discomfort and pain is resolved in 2-3 months after root canal treatment.


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