Replaced old filled ngs

Jul 7, 2018
i recently relocated and had to find a new dentist. After asking around and looking at reviews I settled on one. I had a rectreatment of a root canal done by an Endodontist and I needed the permanent filling done. When I went to the new dentist they did a new patient exam. They said I had 5 cavities. So I had this dentist fill the filling and went to get another opinion. Went to new dentist and again same thing. So I had him fill the fillings. I regret it now bc I am in pain. He said 2 of the fillings are possible root canals bc they were deep cavities and close to nerve. He did a pulp cap in one of them. The filling next to the crown/ retreated root canal feels like it’s lifitng up and down when I eat. He checked it said it’s solid but could be infected underneath. Going back to Endodonist that did re treatment rc. Also the cavity that was filled on right side is now painful.
He said these were all old fillings. White fillings that had decay underneath them. I’m requesting my dental records from previous dentist that I went to in Jan to see if any notes were in there
I do grind my teeth. I just want to know if anyone has experienced this. I feel this dentist did un necessary work. I wasn’t in pain before



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Really hard to say without Xrays from old and new dentist. Composites are more likely to leak than amalgams.

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